God-given Priorities

It was 1997 and I was a mom of a 4 year old son, Eric and 1 year old daughter, Bridget. Everyone was wanting my time; the church, the preschool, my family, my husband, my children, my neighbors and my friends. I had recently stopped working in the fast-paced industry of multi-media computer compilations and in international marketing and research and was prepared to be a pauper as a new “stay-at-home” mom. But we are rarely at home, are we? I had allowance of $5 a week for extra spending money as my husband and I made the checkbook balance each month. What could I do with this extra money?

The Lord gave me the kindest gift of His priorities and my husband’s travel to Marriot hotels allowed me one night free to have on my own to receive these priorities. I opened the bible for instruction as I was a new Christian, a born-again, having responded in faith to His calling in me to be Jesus’ very own child, sister, bride and servant. How would I get everything done for Him? That one night of refreshed contemplation made all the difference and now over 20 years is still my focus of priority.

The Holy Spirit of Christ gently instructed me, even as I drove towards Princeton, “I am your #1, First Priority, your relationship with me is primary, then it is your husband, he loves and needs you to love him and respect His gifts that I have given him, then your children are next. When you have a relationship with me, I will bless and grow your children as they are also my anointed and sanctified ones. Lastly, I will make time for my ministry to others through you, your community volunteer work and even a part-time job that will give you health and happiness”. My spirit confirmed with His Spirit a resounding “Yes”.

Thank you Jesus for my God-given priorities, in You, through faith alone in the work of Your hands. #Ushapedgospel

About cindajustsaid

I am the founder of a biblical counseling ministry. As a counselor to adolescents, young adults and senior women, we seek Christ's desire for God's will and way in your life when counseling, advising and praying for health and healing. Mentally, emotionally, physically, intellectually and most importantly, spiritually, my method of counseling lifts you up and places you in God's capable hands. I've counseled, guided and mentored people with anxiety issues, medical conditions that cause delay in growth, loneliness and depression, always showing how we trust in our amazing God. By use of The Holy Scriptures, in counseling, I assist the Lord's work in your life through His healing power of the Word. In our counseling hour, we get to know each other, pray, find scripture to guide, come up with a plan no matter what you are going through.
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